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Deccofelt is the leading West Coast adhesive coating, laminating, die cutting and slitting company.We can handle the latest engineering challenges, such as laminating solutions that may require strong bonds between difficult to bond to substrates, and temperatures exceeding 600 degrees F. Experience in adhesive coating and laminating materials means we are capable of direct coating pressure sensitive and heat-activated adhesives to a variety of soft or flexible materials.

Adhesive Coatings

Deccofelt will find the right adhesive coating for your product. Adhesive coatings range in thickn... more >


We can combine a variety of materials using multiple laminating processes. We will engineer and ma... more >

Custom Die Cutting & Slitting

We custom die-cut and slit goods into a variety of shapes and sizes, from hobby & craft felt die-c... more >

Thermo Formable Lamination

Deccofelt now laminates many substrates for thermoforming where the adhesive maintains its bond at elevated temperatures, yet has the elasticity needed to stretch and bend into a 3-D shape.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive On Sheet Rubber

Deccofelt has developed a process of bonding pressure sensitive adhesives to sheet rubber. It is a one-step process that achieves a much stronger bond of pressure sensitive adhesives & is cleaner and less costly

High Temperature Lamination

Laminations of similar and dissimilar materials may require high temperature resistance for OEM processing or end use applications. Deccofelt is laminating high temperature films, foams, fabrics, and metal foils that are used in automotive engine com...

Specialty Application

Deccofelt adhesive coating, laminating, die-cutting and slitting capabilities turn ideas into products that save time, money, and space. We convert a wide range of materials into adhesive- coated products of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. All D...

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